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How to get an NP job as a New Grad

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Are you a New Grad NP wondering how to get a job?! Here are three of my favorite resources that I used as a new grad PNP to create a résumé that stands out and to be a competitive NP job applicant!

Each resource I break it down with my TLDR (too long, don't read: basically a short synopsis of the resource), a tip from my experience, a long review (you know I love to talk and give you all the DEETS), and a link to sign up with a 20% off discount code!

If you're short on time & just want the links, you can check out The Dream Job Road Map for New Nurse Practitioners, The Weekend Resume Course & The Nurse Resume Template. Always use the code NATALIEPNP to get 20% off at checkout!

Okay, let's get to the good stuff!

TLDR: Learn every step you need to take you from commencement to contract, to land your dream job as a nurse practitioner! Click here to see if there is a program happening now or get on the wait list for the next one!

Tip: I highly recommend getting on the wait list for this course because it is not always available, so you want to get emails when the opportunity comes around.

Long Review: This is an information packed hybrid learning course that incorporates live group chats with Amanda (AKA the NP and résumé expert behind @TheResumeRx) and self-paced classes.

Time: Over 8 weeks you will get 4 group calls/trainings with Amanda while you work on the self-paced Phases on your own. Her calming voice and wealth of knowledge is so valuable! She offers office hours and a Facebook community as well. This can be done while you're in school or as a recent grad.

What you get: 3 phases that will help you like feel CONFIDENT & COMPETITIVE applicant for a nurse practitioner job!

This is me after I landed my first PNP job! I was so excited!

-Phase 1: Identify and communicate what sets you apart

-Discuss a framework for finding

your dream job

-Reverse engineer your job search!! (FYI: I used this skill to find my job)

-Write an amazing résumé & cover


-Phase 2: Master the NP Interview

-What to expect in an interview

-Questions to ask and NOT ask

-Interview prep and cross training


-Phase 3: Negotiate a solid contract

- Negotiation,

-Differences between RN and NP


-What to look for in a contract

-Negotiation & productivity pearls

Link to sign up here.

Discount code for 20% off at checkout: NATALIEPNP

Whew! That is a TON of information, but Amanda breaks it down and makes you feel like you're her friend she is giving all the NP job secrets to. This is the stuff they don't teach you in school.

Let's check out resource numero dos!

TLDR: This instant access course helped me organize ALL my credentials and experience from the past 6 years of nursing and grad school and create the most organized, professional résumé I have ever seen!

Tip: If you do the Dream Job Road Map course I talked about above, you get this full course included!

The self-paced course gave me the tools create an organized and efficient résumé that helped me STAND OUT when I was ready to apply to NP jobs. When it comes to stuff like this, I often have no idea how to word my job descriptions, what order to list my job experiences/credentials/degrees and get so overwhelmed on where to start- I just procrastinate.

How it helped me: Amanda helped me sit down, gather all of the information I needed, provided me with a system to organize those degrees/credentials/certifications for years to come, gave me beautifully crafted templates to plug my information into, included KEY words to use, AND (yes, there's more) explained how to write a cover letter, what to include and a template to make it happen!

RNs & NPs: If you're about to graduate and want to put off writing a résumé because you're swamped with clinicals and studying, I guarantee you will regret that decision. You will wish you took ONE weekend to create a résumé that is READY to submit to your potential employer as soon as you see a job you want to apply for.

Day 1: Get organized

Day 2: Write your résumé and cover letter

Day 3: Revise and finalize

One of the stunning templates included.

I never thought writing my résumé could be that simple. I promise you... it's one of the best time and monetary investments I made as a new grad NP! I mean, have you seen a better looking résumé?! I felt so confident and professional submitting my résumé and I think it gave me an extra boost of confidence going into my interview as well.

What it includes: 3 training modules with 12 tutorial-style lessons (do one module a day or binge them all at once!)

-Actual winning examples of nursing-specific résumés and cover letters

-8 eye-catching résumé templates included

-Word-for-word scripts for the hardest parts to write

-How-to guides, tip sheets, credential organizers

Link to sign up here! Use code NataliePNP at checkout for 20% off!

Well, those were two great resources and if you made it this far, congrats! Obviously you're invested in yourself and finding an NP job. I also totally recognize that those courses are INVESTMENTS and as students we aren't always overflowing with CASH MONEY. The last resource is $27. Something SO doable and easy, and with 20% off with my code NATALIEPNP, you're looking at a $22.

So, let's check it out!

TLDR: Stand out with these résumé templates for the modern medical professional. Find NP, RN, and Travel nurse templates! Use code NataliePNP for 20% off!

Tip: These are the a la carte (but also beautiful handcrafted) résumé templates you get with both of the courses above without the cost and all the extra resources/support.

Long Review: RNs and NPs alike can benefit from these plug and play instant access templates. Whether you want to work on your resume in Word, Google Docs or Pages, you will have access if you buy this bundle

Whats included:

-1 and 2-page resume template options

-1 and 2-page new grad resume template options

-Reference list and cover letter template

-Font files

-Detailed, easy to follow instructions

-Excellent customer service from a nurse practitioner (Amanda) who wants you to land the job of your dreams.

Link here.

Code NATALIEPNP gets you 20% off at checkout!

And that about wraps it up! I hope these resources are as helpful to YOU and they were for me. I have tried and vetted these for YOU, and as a recent new grad who just landed her first NP job, I am so thankful I found these resources.

PNP and FNP students and new grad NPs LOVE my clinical cheat sheets! Check them out here

Good luck with the job search! I will leave you with a quote that inspired me as I graduated and started my job search:

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” — Estee Lauder

Helping new grad PNPs is my passion because I have been there & wished I had this same guidance! By clicking my affiliate links to The Résumé Rx courses and Amazon affiliate products/links in this post and buying any course or product you are helping me earn commission to pay for this site and my time/effort that goes towards creating helpful posts on my Blog and Instagram! Thanks~ XO Nurse Nat.

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Madeline Minor
Madeline Minor
Dec 01, 2023

Hi Natalie! Thanks for all the great info. Your discount code isn’t working for me - does it expire?

Madeline Minor
Madeline Minor
Dec 27, 2023
Replying to

I did all caps. I tried it for the self study dream job roadmap for new grad NPs. Thanks for your response!

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