Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get about nursing, grad school and travel nursing!

I’m a registered nurse and a pediatric n
  • Q: Why did you start a blog?

    • A:  Short answer: FOR YOU!!!

    • Long answer: As a nurse who is passionate about her job and all things nursing, I want to help others who strive to be in this field. I want to inspire current and future nurses from my past experiences and provide resources to be successful. All of these elements brought me to found my instagram @Natalie_pnp in February 2020. Since then, my instagram has been thriving, and has quickly gained a loyal following. I invite you to explore my site, learn about my passions, and explore the resources I have collected over the years as I pursued nursing school, became a new grad PICU nurse, started traveling as a nurse and now graduating as a pediatric nurse practitioner.

  •   Q: How many years have you been a nurse?

    • A: about 6 years

  • Q: What units have you worked in?

    • A: 3 years as a nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) of a Level 2 Trauma Center. 1 year as a PICU Travel Nurse. 2 years as a Pediatric Critical Care Float Pool nurse.

  • Q: Where did you do your travel nurse assignments? And how many years did you work in the PICU before you felt comfortable enough to travel?

    • A: Salt Lake City, Utah and Dededo, Guam. I was at my 2.5/3year mark in the PICU. Most companies/hospitals require 2 years minimum of nursing in your specialty.

  • Q: How many years were you a nurse before you applied to your Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program?

    • A: I had about 3.5 years of PICU experience when I applied. It was a 2 year, 4 semester program and I worked while I was in school.

  • Q: What grad school program did you graduate from? And was it in-person or online.

    • A: In-person. Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program at California State University, Long Beach

  • Q: Where can I follow you on instagram?

    • A: @natalie_pnp_

  • Q: Resources for PICU new grad/travel nurse/PNP student/travel nursing?

    • A: In the future, you will be able to click the “RESOURCES” tab in the menu! It is currently a work in progress, so check out my Linktree Link below until I get that section of the blog up and running!

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