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How To Find Nurse Practitioner Clinical Sites

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Hands down, one of the most common question I get in my DMs: ‘I need help finding clinical sites, I am so stressed out, any advice?’ Or ‘I can’t find a clinical site and will have to postpone graduation, can you precept me?’. Ooof, it’s so tough to get messages like that.

My #1 piece of advice for future NP students… only apply to schools that provide clinical sites. I’m not talking about a list of people to cold call. My university already had relationships with NPs and MDs who they could count on to precept and handled any of the legal paperwork or contracts of setting up the site. It was AMAZING! And the sites were tried and true, since so many students went through them, those preceptors were experienced with teaching students. You already have so much to stress about and balance as an NP student, finding clinical sites shouldn't be on your to-do list.

But, if you DO have to find your own clinical sites and preceptors, I recently asked my followers their advice to help you you. Here’s a list. Save this and send to a future NP student!

Start Early

  • Start earlier than you think! Like 2 years in advance or as soon as you start your program

  • Have a list of preceptors and talk to them before even applying.

  • Always have a backup site if something falls through

Network, Network, Network

  • Networking is the best way to find placements. Ask providers you work with an RN

  • You never know who is sitting next to you. A simple convo can lead a lot of places

  • Reach out to local offices/hospitals, friends, Linkedin and start as early as possible


  • Shadow different nurse practitioners before starting your NP program, the personal connection gives you an “in”.

Who You Know

  • Use NPs you already know from where you work, previous classmates, previous coworkers, your child’s or your own PCP.

  • Get nursing experience in multiple areas, you’ll build an APP network locally.

What Does Your School Provide?

  • Some schools provide a list of alumni to contact

Social Media

  • Message tons of NPs on LinkedIn or Instagram, it works so well. Use all your connections

Helpful Links and Websites

  • You have to pay but they guarantee a preceptor if you’re in a bind

  • is a paid service. You can also sign up to be a preceptor here later on

  • your state's NP organization website

NP Organizations

  • Reach out to local NP organization chapter (like NAPNAP or ANNP)

  • you states NP organizations website

A Personal Touch

  • Call and speak to office mangers. Drop off resumes to them (best RN + NP resume templates to impress here, code NATALIEPNP gets you 20% off)

  • Show up at offices with a box of gourmet donuts and get your resume straight into hands

Be Prepared

Good luck to those searching for NP clinical sites and preceptors. And may the odds be ever in your favor.


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