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6 Tips for a Successful Zoom Interview

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Let’s talk interviews!

👩‍💻I have been wanting to tell you guys about my Zoom interview for my current PNP position!

It was my first time doing an interview that wasn’t in person and I learned so much from that experience!

I had 2 interviews, each about 1 hour long on two different days. The first was with an MD and NPs who I would be working closely with. After that, I advanced to the next interview phase. The second was with the multidisciplinary team (therapists, social workers, etc) I would be collaborating with in the NP role.

Both went very well (👩‍⚕️got the job!). I was slightly nervous but felt comfortable that I got to sit in my own home to wait for the interview to start. I made sure to send my BEAUTIFUL resume before the day of the interview so everyone had it on hand.

✨Here are my tips for how to have a successful Zoom interview (more RN/NP interview tips coming on my page, so keep an eye out!) :

1. 👓Background/Outfit: Make it clean, neat, organized and preferably not your bed/bedroom. You can download professional office Zoom backgrounds, just make sure you test it out before the big day. Make sure your outfit and background are JUST as professional as it would be in person. The picture is what I wore on the day of my interview for some outfit inspo! Shop a similar outfit on my Amazon storefront! I also love Francesca's for a fun statement necklace!

2. 💻 Internet: Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out that you have internet problems. Have a backup plan & a number to call at the job you’re interviewing at to let them know RIGHT away what happened. Try out this wifi extender!

3. 🎧Speakers/Headphones: Make sure they work, are connected to your laptop, charged if using wireless and that there aren’t distracting background noise (kids, dogs, lawn work) happening in the background. I used these Apple Airpods because I love how crisp the sound is and the mic doesn't rub on my hair or shirt and cause background noise like the wire headphones do.

4. ⌨️ Zoom: Do a test run with a friend or family member 30 minutes before to make sure you sound clear, look clear and your internet is up and running! I logged on about 5 minutes before the meeting started to still arrive early. I set up a special light because my living room doesn't have a ton of lateral light and stacked my laptop to be at the most flattering angle.

5. ✨Interacting: Zoom fatigue is real! I get it, it’s not the same as in person. You have to be more on your game of reading the social cues of those on the call and try not to interrupt people who are speaking. I made sure to address that I wanted to look at the members of the video on my screen while I spoke or listened, which meant I would be looking away from the camera at times during the interview- but wanted them to know I was paying attention. I switched back and forth between looking at others and talking directly to the camera, so it APPEARED I was looking at them!

6. 😊Smile: Don’t forget to smile and let your personality shine through the video screen! If you get nervous before like me, have a notepad or sticky notes next to you to write out positive affirmations before starting (I can do this! SMILE! I am a great candidate for this position!). Also, not afraid to admit I whitened my teeth before the big day! LOL!

👉Who else has done an interview lately? Was it over Zoom or in-person?! Would love to know how it went!

More RN/NP interview tips coming on my page, so keep an eye out!!

Need help with your resume before the big interview?! Check out my post on resume resources here! GOOD LUCK!!!!

PNP and FNP students and new grad NPs LOVE my clinical cheat sheets! Check them out here

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30 mar

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