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Are you a student who is passionate about pediatrics? This 20+ page ebook was MADE for you!


A resource for nursing students, new grad nurses, and seasoned nurses alike! Get the inside scoop on how I got my first RN job in pediatrics, links to 50+ pediatric resources, a checklist of pediatric nurse skills, AND a download of my PICU nurse brain and how to use it! Including two BONUS SECTIONS of pediatric medication, drips and fluids review for free! Instant pdf download. 


PICU brain: I walk you through how to receive and give report in the PICU and give you unlimited downloads of the brain I adapted for myself while I was working as a PICU nurse.


How to get a job: Jam packed with actionable items for you to do RIGHT now to be the most competitive applicant you can be


Pediatric Devices Checklist: I made a list of the most commonly used pediaitrc devices in the hospital and included video links explaining how to use them and what they do so you can show up to clinicals or your new grad program with confidence!


BONUS pediatric med math, drip calculations: Step by step of how to calculate pediatric medication doses and drips in the PICU.


Pediatric resources: We all learn differently! I gathered over 50 pediatric academic websites, apps, videos and podcasts for you to review to fully immerse yourself in the world of pediatrics.

Nurse Nat's Pediatric Resources

$30.00 Regular Price
$23.00Sale Price
  • This digital product is meant to provide study resources to help pediatric nursing students and nurses alike, it is not intended to treat patients.  Since this is a digital product that you will receive immediately to your inbox, it is a non-refundable item. Thank you for understanding!

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