It's BACK! My Annual Pediatric NP Student Clinicals MasterClass

Updated: Oct 24

NP clinicals can be overwhelming. I know because I was in your shoes 2 years ago. BUT, I landed 3 PNP job offers before graduation, all from my clinical sites. And now I'm living my dream as a PNP taking care of the cutest kiddos. I want to share my insider knowledge, tips and resources to help you on your pediatric NP clinical journey too!

Are you in? Sign up here today!.

Keep reading for all the DEETS!

This class will offer SO many valuable items, including:

-1.5 hour Live Video Presentation with Nurse Nat (recorded so you can watch at a later date if needed, up to 30 days after LIVE)

-Tips on being prepared for pediatric primary care clinicals with resources

-Most common pediatric organisms and their treatment ($12 value included for free)

-Free "NP Brain" pdf & how to use it ($20 value included for free)

-Developmental milestone cheat sheets I used for Well Child Checks ($40 value included for free) *NEW ADDED BONUS FOR 2021 students*

-Walk through of well child check and pediatric sick visit

-Access to all resources for life


WHEN: Thursday November 11, 2021 @ 4pm PST

Event Address: Live Zoom meeting

WILL BE RECORDED! So if you can't make it LIVE, you will still get access to EVERYTHING to watch on your own time within 30 days of the original recording. The bonus of being present with the LIVE stream is being able to ask Nurse Nat any questions or advice during the Q&A.

This class is good for:

Pediatric NP students

Family NP students

NP students going into primary care pediatric clinical rotations soon

NP students currently in primary care pediatric clinical

Refresher for new grad NPs

This class is not good for:

Nursing students

Practicing NPs

Someone who wants to know more about how to be an NP but is not currently in an NP program

Value: $127/per person. First 20 people to sign up will get EARLY BIRD SPECIAL of $97. Sign up here!

XO Nurse Nat

What NP students said about my 2020 Peds Clinical MasterClass:

You basically walked us down the path from beginning to end. I no longer have fear of my Peds clinicals- you provided resources that I can look into to be better prepared. I appreciated you differentiating between WCC and Sick visit

I will be recommending this to EVERYONE! I'm so glad I got in on the ground floor because Nat, you have a great product here. I would gladly have paid triple what I did to attend this class or stumble on it in the future. Well worth my time. THANK YOU!

"I really appreciate all the time and energy you poured into this PNP masterclass (ppt, google doc resources with links, and live zoom)! I wanted to let you know that you're helping so many grad students and future kiddos by doing this :)”

"This class was great! The resources provided put it over the top. It was so much great information, but it can be overwhelming. Knowing I can go back and refer to things let me enjoy the class more rather than feel pressured to absorb it all. Your setting, audio, all the small details seemed perfected too. Can't believe how smooth, inexpensive and professional your [Masterclass] was! This was amazing. (-:"

Don't hesitate, sign up for the class now.

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