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PNP Exam-I PASSED! Part 1

Updated: May 25, 2022

Over the next few blog posts I will be talking about my study materials, my favorite question bank, test prep and my study plan! Below is a quick recap.

Study materials

· Burns textbook

· PNP Certification Guide by Silbert-Flagg and Sloand

· My personal study guide

· NAPNAP Cert Review Course

Question Banks



Timeline 2020- From application to certification & licensure

· Spring 2020: Last semester of PNP program

· Mid-March 2020: Registered for the exam on PNCB & sent in application to California BRN (Board of Registered Nurses) for my NP license & furnishing number

· April 22: Comprehensive Exam

· May 21: Graduated

· Early/Mid June: Started looking at PNCB website to outline study plan with all intentions to start studying without a test date so I could be ready.

· Actually, didn’t start studying bc Eric & I decided to elope: June 27 <3 lol

· July 2: Transcripts sent from university to PNCB via email & mail (this is when I got a little more into studying)

· July 14: Email verification to sign up for test

· July 29: My official California NP license & Furnishing Number were posted on CA Breeze website

· ….3 weeks of studying full time hours & working full time…

· August 7: Took the Exam: & PASSED!!!

· August 7: I PASSED!!! YES, I found out the same day

· August 11: Official email from PNCB with Primary Care National Certification that I passed

· *Note: As you can see, in the State of California and students who attended an accredited CA university, we receive our licenses BEFORE we are nationally certified. I don’t have a timeline for those who have to get nationally certified before receiving their NP license. Please look up your individual state and university’s policies and procedures for the exact process that I cannot offer here!

Any questions I can try to answer in the next week about the PNP Primary Care Exam? (Remember I can’t give specifics about topics on the exam!) ‼️


Nurse Nat, CPNP-PC (check out those extra letters... Certified PNP, Primary Care)

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